Delight in the distinct, succulent flavors of Outback Grassfed Lamb Products. Our lamb, grazed on lush Australian pastures, offers a tender, rich taste that’s perfect for roasting, grilling, or slow-cooking.

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Showing all 8 results

Grassfed Lamb Products:

We source all our lamb from small, pasture-raised farms that practice regenerative grazing techniques. The animals spend their days eating fresh grasses under the open sky, as nature intended.

When you choose LambLovers, you get:
• Premium leg of lamb – The classic roast, perfect for holidays and special meals.
• Lamb chops – Generously sized rib and loin chops, trimmed and ready to grill or pan fry.
• Ground lamb – Ground fresh-to-order from lean leg and shoulder meat.
• Lamb shanks – Meaty and flavor-packed, perfect for braises and stews.
• Mutton and offal – For those looking to try something new, we offer mutton racks, breasts and variety meats.

All our cuts are immaculately trimmed and packaged, with the animal’s diet, age and farm of origin clearly labelled.